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There are many statistical bits of information in the game, but when used by itself, "stats" refers to your 7 core stats.

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  • Core Stats: The 7 core stats that affect nearly every algorithm and formula in the game.
  • Base Stat: This is the base value in one of your stats inherent to your character. This is the value of your stat before any bonuses from gear, buffs, boosts, or other temporary effects.
  • Stat Cap: The cap on how high you can increase a stat.
  • Starting Stats: The stat values you have at creation. These are based on your race.
  • Primary Stat: Every class has a Primary Stat that is the only stat used for increasing all of their damage (with weapons or abilities), and the effectiveness of other abilities. For example:
    • Strength adds to weapon and ability damage for Warriors, but it does not affect damage at all for Healers.
    • Intellect adds to Elementalist weapon and spell damage, but Dexterity adds no damage to any of their attacks.

Core Stats[]







  • Adds to your health.
  • Adds +2HP per point







  • A meta stat that includes many things: creativity, personality, presence, charm, leadership, and personal magnetism.
  • Primary stat for crafting, as that is a creative endeavor. It affects success/failure chances (Higher better, potion make a difference).
  • Generally raised by eating desserts and baked goods like breads, muffins, cupcakes, etc.
  • 2018.05.03 Update:
The Quality % roll is now more significantly impacted by your Charisma stat and your skill level. Getting those 95-100% quality items should require a little more CHA and skill.

― Aristotle, 2018.05.03 Update



  • Affects success/failure chance for gathering (Higher better, buffs and potion make a difference).
  • Affects initiative rolls (your order of action during combat) [minimal difference].


While being largely accepted without explanation in any game as customary, these parameters in Stash RPG are very important to understand and should be explained.


First of all, Stash RPG does not provide a routine "restore over time" feature. Many new players get surprised on why waiting so long and having no Health and Mana restored. This is the fact: Health and Mana will never normally regenerate over time. Regenerating it over time is only possible when inside the Rolling Stone Inn, or when using different kinds of camping bivouacs, either way this process uses up considerable amounts of time. Also, when using camps you are risking being ambushed by a group monsters. Therefore its is much more convenient to do "one click heals": instead, foods has to be eaten or potions drank, which makes procuring them the most important task in leveling a character. In combat, you cannot use food but only potions, they take up one turn to use and you are only allowed to drink one potion per so many turns, so keep it as a "panic button" for whenever you feel death is inevitable. Potions are not given separate cooldowns, so bringing several tiers of the same potion won't help at all, instead, bring the best one you got. Potions have huge joint cooldown in combat but not outside, where they can be spammed. Playing the Healer class greatly enhances restoration, although Healers have certain hold-ups when soloing due to weak aggressive DPS.


Health is increased permanently when you level up, or increases temporarily when you are buffed by an ability buff or a potion, or wear a gear piece with enchantments adding to Constitution, to an extent of 5 per character level for both ability/potion buffs and gear enchantments. It decreases only when you are hit or have a negative effect on you in combat. When your character's Health drops to zero, your character dies.

As stated above, Constitution adds to your health.


Mana is increased permanently when you level up, or increases temporarily when you are buffed by an ability buff or a potion, or wear a gear piece with enchantments adding to Willpower and Intellect, to an extent of 5 per character level for both ability/potion buffs and gear enchantments. It is consumed when you use abilities. It is possible to play without using any abilities in combat by only using the Basic Attack Basicatk.png (melee weapons or fists, you will swing a bow like a club using the Basic Attack). Some high level abilities consume great amounts of Mana. Therefore combat tactics should be executed and foods or potions should be used to quickly restore Mana after almost every fight.

As stated above, Willpower and Intellect both add to Mana.


  • As stated above, when your character's Health drops to zero, your character dies.
  • Your death will be added to the character statistics counter and you will respawn at full Health and Mana.
  • Once per hour you can have an instant respawn at the place you just died, or unlimited respawns at your BOO (therefore death is often considered a free restoration method for lower level characters, unless you are roleplaying). Optionally medallions can be used to respawn at the place you just died.
  • You will not lose any possessions or XP on death, but will gradually accumulate XP debt (increasing as you level up) starting from level 5.
  • There are special items like Lemon Cookies Of Mortis, Lemon Cookies Of Faeyora or Trickster's Treat, by eating those the XP debt can be diminished e.g. Lemon Cookies Of Mortis sold in the Medallion Shop decrease the XP debt on use by removing the XP debt portion of 10%*current level XP MAX only, not of the XP debt total, so consuming them at higher levels removes increasingly more amounts of XP debt. E.g. at character level 10 the cookie will remove 4000 of XP debt but at level 30 it will remove 70000 of the XP debt and so on.
  • Plus, starting from level 10 you will receive 10% of the XP Debt you would have received from dying, for excessive bravery when you flee a combat!
Level XP Debt on death in %% of level XP
5 0.8%
6 1.5%
7 2.0%
8 2.5%
9 3.0%
10 3.5%
11 4.0%
12 4.5%
13 5.0%
14 5.5%
15 6.0%
16 6.5%
17 7.0%
18 8.0%
19 9.0%
20+ 10.0%

How to Improve Stats[]

Starting from level 6, eating food will gradually improve your base stat values permanently. Different foods will award you "stat xp" towards one (or more) of your stats. When you earn enough "stat xp" for a stat, it will increase by +1. You can eat food with max HP/Mana and still gain the stat increase!

Most foods only provide stat xp for a single stat. Some very special food items provide stat xp towards multiple stats.

Most foods are crafted by Chefs.

You can max out all of your stats, so happy eating!

Two Important Things to Note:

1) If a piece of food is more than 10 levels lower than you, you will not gain stat XP from it.

2) At level 5 or below, your stats are already "maxed." Eating food will regain health and/or mana, but you will not gain stat XP yet.

Stat Caps[]

Base Stat Caps[]

Your base stats are capped at:

LEVEL * 10 +/- racial modifier.

Example: A level 50 human can have 500 in every stat and 520 in Will.

Gear Stat Caps[]

The maximum amount that gear can increase each of your stats is:


Example: A level 50 character can receive up to +250 per stat from gear.

Buff Stat Caps[]

The maximum amount that buffs, boosts, potions, abilities, etc. can raise your stats is:


Example: A level 50 character can receive up to +250 per stat from buffs, potions, etc.

Total Stat Caps[]

The combination of base, gear, and buff stat caps results in a total cap of:

LEVEL * 20

Example: A level 50 character can have no higher than 1,000 (plus racial modifier) in each stat.