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Recipes are consumables that are available for looting from chests in the Stash RPG. They are needed for crafting.

Basic Information[]

  • Recipes of a particular level will only drop from monsters of the same level range as the recipe level e.g. a recipe of level 15 will drop from monsters of levels 15-19, a recipe of level 20 that has no level 25 version will drop from monsters of levels 20-29.
  • Each recipe can be sold to other players or NPC vendors.
  • Despite their appearance as a scroll of paper recipes are not stackable and can quickly use up free inventory space. Only take those recipes you are able to learn.
  • You can only learn recipes of your crafting skill and the level of the skill.
  • Some recipes can be purchased form the clan shop.

List of Recipes[]

The following is a list of recipes available in the Stash RPG:

Alchemist Recipes[]

Armorer Recipes[]

Chef Recipes[]

Enchanter Recipes[]

Maker Recipes[]

Weaponsmith Recipes[]

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