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Lemon Cookies Of Mortis
This delightful lemon cookie is crisp on the outside while being soft and moist on the inside. Kinda like mortals are. It is infused with the essence of the ancient, long dead god Mortis: Lord of Death and the Underworld. If you eat this cookie it will remove XP Debt up to 10% of the XP needed for your next level.
Type: XP Debt Removers
Level: 1
Value: 10000

This delightful lemon cookie sold in the Medallion Shop for 2000 medallions decreases the XP debt on use by removing the XP debt portion of 10%*current level XP MAX only, not of the XP debt total, so consuming them at higher levels removes increasingly more amounts of XP debt. Some consider first reaching the current highest level and only then using the cookie, since they are only purchasable with medallions and should be used wisely. E.g. at level 10 the cookie will remove 4000 of XP debt since 40000 XP is needed to progress to level 11, but at level 30 it will remove 70000 of the XP debt. Worthy to wait? You decide.

When purchased, it first goes to your rewards (inventory>character>rewards). Drag from there to your inventory.


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