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Items or loot is almost anything you can possess in the Stash RPG that can be placed in your inventory, moved or discarded.

The following is the list of items that exist in the Stash RPG:

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Fully Categorized List of Items[ | ]

We can't include every single item in this page, the list would be way too great, instead Stash Wiki has categorized every item you can come across in the Stash RPG into a category tree.

Use blue arrows (Bluearrow) to expand and navigate deeper into the category tree, click on a category name to see a list of pages it contains, or right click the link and select "open in new window".

  • Legend:
    • C = how many subcategories a category contains
    • P = how many pages (articles) a category contains
    • F = how many files (images) a category contains

List[ | ]

Items(13 C, 810 P)

Unique, Rare, and Legendary Items[ | ]

Decorative Items[ | ]

Decorations include Walls, Floors, and Furniture. They can be used to decorate your house.

Building Materials[ | ]

Building Materials are used to expand your stash and stall space, add rooms to your Base of Operations (BOO), and increase your BOO's level. They are generic loot from chests.

Cooking/Farming Items[ | ]

Crafting Stations & Tools[ | ]

Processors[ | ]

Essences[ | ]

Gathering Tools[ | ]

Potions[ | ]

Salvaged Materials[ | ]

Disasters[ | ]

Baits[ | ]

Traps[ | ]

Camping Materials[ | ]

Discontinued/Unobtainable Items[ | ]