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Hunter is one of the classes in the game Stash. Primary role: Damage + Utility + Debuff. Primary stat: Dexterity.

Agility, quick wits and terrifying precision are the hallmarks of the hunter. In addition to their potent attacks, they have a diverse set of utility skills and the ability to confound and debuff their enemies.


Level Ability
1 Shoot
2 Balestra I
3 Slash I
4 Flaming Arrow I
5 Agility I
6 Molotov Cocktail I
7 Frozen Arrow I
8 Vanish I
9 Charged Arrow I
10 Backstab I
11 Concussive Arrow I
12 Chuck I
13 Slash II
14 Flaming Arrow II
15 Distract I
16 Explosive Arrow I
17 Frozen Arrow II
18 Balestra II
19 Backstab II
20 Impale I
21 Vanish II
22 Charged Arrow II
23 Backstab II
24 Chuck II
25 Agility II
26 Concussive Arrow II
27 Distract II

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