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Dryad Healer.jpg

Class icon healer.png

The Healer is one of the Classes in the game Stash.

Primary roles: Heal, Buff, Crowd Control.

Primary Stat: Willpower.

Adept at manipulating the energies of life, healers mend and buff their allies whilst mesmerizing and confusing their opponents.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Level Ability Level Ability
1 Mend I 21 Mass Mesmerize I
2 Stone I 22 Stone II
3 Mesmerize I 23 Mesmerize II
4 Willpower I 24 Willpower II
5 Group Heal I 25 Mass Root I
6 Smite I 26 Mend II
7 Root I 27 Root II
8 Bulwark I 28 Bulwark II
9 Fatigue I 29 Resist Fire II
10 Spread Heal I 30 Smite II
11 Resist Fire I
12 Bladebind I
13 Resist Earth I
14 Healing Pulse I
15 Resist Air I
16 Bind Wounds I
17 Resist Water I
18 Funeral Pyre I
19 Stun I
20 Resurrection I

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