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When you first get into the game, you will have some gear, and you will start in front of Askagard. From this point, you can go explore the city, or you can jump straight into adventuring.


World Dungeon ''The Mines'' level 1-3

Go west. You will see a Point of Interest known as the Mines. Go in there, and choose fights that con white, blue, yellow or green. Red and purple are probably too high for you unless you've joined with friends. Once you get into the encounter, use the terrain to your advantage, but keep in mind that some monsters will have ranged attacks. You won't have it at level 1. Most of the fights in the Mines will be easily won. Combat occurs in different stages, so be mindful of where you are in combat.

Fight until you have completely filled up your inventory. Then you will want to run to your Base of Operations and drop off all your building materials and possibly your crafting materials in your Stash. You will not be able to use items in your BOO unless you store them in your Stash. Remember to put any items you want to sell in your Stall. Essences, recipes and magic items will be your best sellers. You can tell if an item is magical if it has a prefix or a suffix. Be sure to keep the best stuff for yourself to use.

Now head to Askagard. Sell the items you will not be using, and buy your gathering tools. This will allow you to harvest any resource nodes you find in the world or in encounters. Be aware that you cannot switch gathering tools while you are in combat. You can in a passive encounter, but once you are in combat, you are stuck with the gathering tool you currently have equipped.

Fill up on inventory again, and when you go back to town this time, pick your craft. Hopefully, you have been saving recipes for the craft that you wish to learn. Buy your crafting tool and craft machine from the vendors in Askagard. Then take everything back to your BOO. Remember to store everything in your Stash before you try to use it. Once you have placed your crafting machine, click on it to open its interface. If you have the correct materials stored, you will be able to craft.

If you get a disaster, do not panic, and don't throw it away. Gather all your disasters together, and take it to the Salvage Machine in Askagard. You will be charged 5 triads per disaster when you use the machine. The Salvage Machine will salvage a disaster every 30 seconds and give you rare materials in return. Some of these rare materials are needed for various crafting projects.

After you experiment a bit with your BOO, be sure to go and explore the Mines dungeon further. If you get a chance, challenge Pounderock. He has a very interesting history in those mines and with a group of Alchemists that you may recognize from Dungeon of Elements. Make sure you find a party to fight him, as he is tough to solo.

Don't forget to level up everything! Level up your Character, level up your Stash, level up your BOO, and level up your Stall. Eating food will level up your stats starting from level 6, and eating different foods will level up different ones. Use food to heal outside of combat. Use potions to heal in combat. In order to regenerate outside of combat, be sure to buy camp supplies. You will regenerate sitting at a campfire alone or with your party. (Note: Below level 5 there is no death penalty, so you can get killed and respawn at your BOO with full health and mana.)

If you are feeling extra adventurous, remember to pick up tasks from the Taskmaster in Askagard. All Taskmasters will be designated with a large star. Have fun and travel safely!

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