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Gems are one of materials in the Stash RPG acquired by the lapidary gathering skill. Players need a pick to gather gems.

Weaponsmith crafting skill has the ability to disintegrate some of the offhand weapons into some of the gems by using misc. Machinery.

Gems can only be gathered in respective tier areas populated with respective tier monsters implying high risk of being ambushed and killed as tiers increase, thus they are considered very valuable.

Gems are a resource used in crafting. They can be gathered from resource nodes in passive encounters on the overworld map or in combat encounters in dungeons and other areas. Some gems may be harvested from the corpse of defeated monsters.

Gems are used primarily by Alchemist and Enchanter but can also be a component required for weapons, tools and workstations.

The following is a list of gems in the Stash RPG:

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