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Gathering in the Stash RPG is the process of collecting resources with gathering tools which can be purchased from Zieri in Askagard, or crafted by a Maker.

Basic information[]

Resource gathering (or harvesting) allows players to gather resources with which to craft. A range of resources can be found in passive encounters, or they can be found in combat. If they are found in combat encounters, they can only be gathered before the combat ends.

Combat encounters have a chance to spawn a resource node. These resource nodes can be harvested at any time before the combat ends, as long as you have the proper gathering tool equipped to do so. If you attempt to harvest a node before all enemies have been defeated, you can earn double the amount of resources you gather. Once the last monster dies, if the loot rule of your party are set to "Free for All", you can still gather resources from that encounter at normal rate. After the chest is clicked, you exit the combat encounter and lose the chance to harvest any resources left behind, so only click the chest once all resources have been harvested. If the loot rule of your party are set to "Grab and Go", once the last monster dies, the chest does not appear and you exit combat instantly and lose the chance to harvest any resources left behind.

Gathering skills' levels, much like crafting skill levels, are separate from your character level. This means a level 1 character can have a gathering skill of any level, and gathering tools based off the gathering skill level. You can possibly play a pure crafter / gatherer character without the need of any combat XP.

How to gather resources[]

Getting proper tools[]


You must have the proper tool in your inventory in order to be able to gather resources. To gather resources in combat encounter, the proper tool must be equipped in one of your two tool slots. Tools can be purchased from Zieri in the capital city of Askagard, or from other players.

Getting into resource nodes[]


Walking around the game world you will come across many resource nodes protruding from the surface. Walk over the node to enter it. You will get a confirmation message. After you have entered a resource node encounter, a passive encounter which means players can act independently of each other and have no movement rate limitations, somewhere inside the encounter you will find one or more resource nodes. If you don't have proper tool equipped, or your tool's tier is too low, you won't be able to harvest.

Inside the resource node[]


To harvest the resource, move next to the node then right-click to harvest it, or press the [4] button to harvest the node. Some nodes can be harvested multiple times. The number of resources that a node yields is written when you hover the mouse over the node. Your chance to succeed is a combination of your respective gathering skill level and your LUCK stat. You can see your gathering (and crafting) skills' levels on the STATS page of your character sheet. You will gain gathering XP every time you attempt to harvest a node. Gathering XP goes towards increasing your gathering skill level. After your respective gathering skill level is one tier above the node's tier, your gathering XP will be halved. After your respective gathering skill level is two tiers above the node's tier you will stop getting any gathering XP, find better tier nodes to progress your skills.

Gathering Skills[]

The following Gathering skills are in the Stash RPG:

Gathering Tools[]

The following Gathering gathering tools are in the Stash RPG:

Tool Gathers Tier 1 (1- 9) Tier 2 (10 - 19) Tier 3 (20 - 29) Tier 4 (30 - 39)
Axe Wood Ragwood Axe Mailekwood Axe Corkwood Axe Grasswood Axe
Knife Leather Melenium Knife Tion Knife Ferrum Knife Reddium Knife
Pick Gems Carbonyx Pick Zornaline Pick Venispar Pick Emerthyst Pick
Pickaxe Ore Melenium Pickaxe Tion Pickaxe Ferrum Pickaxe Reddium Pickaxe
Shears Herb Melenium Shears Tion Shears Ferrum Shears Reddium Shears
Scissors Cloth Carbonyx Scissors Zornaline Scissors Venispar Scissors Emerthyst Scissors

Tier 1 tools you can buy from Zieri in Askagard, better tier tools are only player-made by Makers.