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Elementalist is one of the Classes in the game Stash.

Primary roles: Damage + Crowd Control.

Primary Stat: Intellect.

These magi manipulate the basic elements of the world in mystical and magical ways. Earth, air, fire and water all answer to their call.

As an Elementalist, you use Cloth Armor, and you can use any of the following weaponry:


Level Ability Level Ability
1 Fire Blast I 21 Thorn Burst I
2 Zap I 22 Fire Blast II
3 Ice Blast I 23 Pelt II
4 Blaze I 24 Frost Breath II
5 Brilliance I 25 Brilliance II
6 Ice Knife I 26 Charged Bolt II
7 Charged Bolt I 27 Phase Shift II
8 Frost Breath I 28 Ice Knife II
9 Phase Shift I 29 Vine Whip II
10 Bloodboil I 30 Blaze II
11 Cryo Beam I
12 Pelt I
13 Shockwave I
14 Vine Whip I
15 Thunderstrike I
16 Hurl Boulder I
17 Ice Blast I
18 Cinders I
19 Zap II
20 Fireball I

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