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Human Elementalist

A player's class is an attribute used to differentiate the abilities of different game characters. A character class determines class-unique abilities and aptitudes, as well as combat strategy and role in a group.

Basic Information[ | ]

You gain levels in your class by earning XP.

List of classes[ | ]

The following is a list of classes in the Stash RPG;

Class Stats[ | ]

Depending on the class, different skills are acquired during the game.

The class will give you a fixed HP bonus at the start.

As elementalist, you have the lowest HP.

The italic numbers represent the Human example for different classes, starting with the Human Elementalist at 220 HP.

Elementalist Healer Hunter Warrior
+0 HP +60 HP +40 HP +80 HP
220 HP 280 HP 260 HP 300 HP

Combined with racial bonuses, Lukoi Warriors start with the highest HP, which is 340 HP.

All classes start with a fixed MP bonus at the start with 100 MP. Every level adds +2 MP.

Both the Will stat and Intelligence stat adds +1MP every 10th level. This means you start at 110 MP unless you have the Human racial bonus, giving you +2 MP.

Class restrictions[ | ]

The choice of the class restricts you to certain skills.

However, you can also wear only certain armor types.

Armor type restrictions for classes
Elementalist Healer Hunter Warrior
Cloth Leather Leather Chainmail
30 +

can wear Chainmail


can wear Ringmail


can wear Platemail