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Clans can be created in the game Stash by groups of players who have similar goals. Each clan is created by an Overlord, but once the Overlord is established. The clan can customize its own power structure.

Players can customize the clan's code, message of the day, and player ranks.

Player Ranks[ | ]

Each clan has ten player ranks that can be assigned with different permissions and different rank icons.

A clan can have members who are all completely equal or a complex, tiered structure based on the choice of the creators.

Different permissions can be assigned to different clan ranks, which include permissions to promote, demote, kick, invite, and other bureaucratic permissions.

Clan Honor[ | ]

Main article: Honor

Clan Honor honor is earned by killing ranked mobs or in the bonfire event (see below).

Clan Shop[ | ]

Clan shop is the game feature available only to members of clans. Press C to access a clan roster in the Stash RPG, the link to the shop is found there.

  • New clan levels unlock additional items in the shop.
  • 'Contribution items' section of the shop is only visible to and can only be accessed by the clan members who have rights to manage the clan Contribution contribution points.


Bonfire[ | ]

Bonfires are daily events for members of a clan, designed to increase their personal Honor honor and clan XP by sitting around a fire for an hour. This is designed as a time for clan interaction, for in there one can do nothing else but trade or chat. Good for roleplaying but not so otherwise popular game feature because if one just goes out and fights monsters during that one hour, one can accumulate decent amounts of loot and XP rather than just sit, chat or go AFK, besides one can do some chatting and accumulate some Honor honor and clan XP as one fights monsters as well. Also, many players have their real world work and life to run so they can only play Stash RPG daily for an hour or less, for them it is a preference to use that short time outside of bonfires, therefore clans should not force their members to participate in the event, making it a completely voluntary and optional gameplay feature. Much like going to the Inn.

  • Starting a bonfire requires an event purchased with Contribution contribution via the clan shop, and therefore it requires rights to manage the clan Contribution contribution points to access to 'Contribution items' section of that shop. The Contribution contribution price differs based on the event's quality (1000 - 2500 Contribution).
  • Bonfires can be started only if there are several clan members online, and only on a designated server hours.

The Steam guide for clan and bonfire can be found here

Clan Base of Operation[ | ]

A not-yet-implemented Stash RPG feature that may or may not have a Clan Hall and a Clan Stash available, see Roadmap for reference.

Clan Experience Buffs[ | ]

See also: Contribution

Contribution Contribution points can be used to purchase the Clan Minor XP Booster (+25% XP), and the Clan Major XP Booster (+50% XP), which when used will give to any unbuffed clan member that is online an XP buff that lasts for 2 hours. This acts like if everyone in the clan drinks an XP Potion. A Clan Minor XP Booster costs 3000 Contribution contribution, a Clan Major XP Booster costs 7000 Contribution.

  • logging off will pause the buff's timer

Known Clans[ | ]

  • Zero to Hero - Turning Zeros into Heroes! /t Kiiara or Aciddeath for an Invite!
  • Purgatory - Top lads dedicated to bettering the game of Stash.
  • The Knights of Rand - Ask in /s to join. "Knights who look after everyone and do their best to guide them in Stash"
  • Pandemonium - will stand where others fall, small but steady. The clan leader cadavrer has all the crafts to supply up to date gear and tools.