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A boss is a type of mob that has fixed respawn location and increased respawn time. It is stronger than other mobs and usually has a team of other mobs surrounding it. Its support team can heal the boss or deal damage to players. Bosses possess special attacks and have increased health and damage output. It is possible to solo bosses in the Stash RPG, but soloing involves tactical combat and decent crafted gear.

Basic Information[ | ]


Boss portal

  • Normally, every world dungeon has a boss somewhere in the end of it. There are some exceptions.
  • A boss can drop gear of 80% quality, not every time it is defeated, thus it has to be "farmed" for that rare gear.
  • After a boss is defeated, your party is teleported to the dungeon entrance, and a boss portal appears in the place where the boss was defeated. The portal teleports anyone who enters it to the dungeon entrance and remains until the boss respawns (usually in 20 minutes). If you flee, the boss disappears and the boss portal opens.

List of Bosses[ | ]

The following is a list of bosses in the Stash RPG: